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The first walls are up at Vero AutoHaus!

A major transformation on 12th St. overnight. Proud to say our new development project is almost half thru the construction process and we have sold nearly half the storage condominium units. There are 37 units being built, and only 21 left. These are truly “bomb shelters” built to store and protect your most prized possessions, even your family as a place of refuge if we are unfortunate enough to see a Michael hit our coast. All concrete and steel structures - even the roof! Units range from 800 sf to 1320 sf. They will be awesome man caves! Check it out at our website:

The logo.

From the web site. This is what the AutoHaus will look like.

Rear and sides of Bldg’s C and D.

Bldg F almost enclosed.

35,000 lb wall panel flying over the site.

Typical Steel reinforcement in a wall panel - that’s a lot of steel! Why would you store your most valued possessions inside anything else?

Temporary bracing until the steel crew starts erecting and welding.

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