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Coastal Engineering

Schulke, Bittle & Stoddard L.L.C. provides services for coastal projects that must conform to FDEP and local building department rules and regulations. The SBS team combines right-brain creativity with left-brain engineering to develop world-class, innovative solutions where water meets land. Our vast experience on coastal projects extends throughout the State of Florida.

Coastal engineering services include:

  • Review architect plans and documentation for FDEP and local building department

  • Prepare Engineer's Site Plan for FDEP

  • FDEP / County Dept. Of Health Permitting

  • Client / Architect / Consultant Coordination

  • Coordinate requirements for the Sea Turtle Protection Plan

  • Inspections / Status Reports

  • Docks, piers

  • Coastal Armoring (seawalls, geotubes)

  • CCCL Permitting

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