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SBS Receives Multiple Awards at the Industry Appreciation Luncheon

Today, our office received the following awards at the Industry Appreciation Luncheon:

Surf Club: New Multi-Family Residential: Surf Club townhomes, A1A north of Jaycee Park (See photo)

Christ Church Vero Beach: New Large Building Construction for a Non-Profit: Christ Church of Vero Beach, Sixth Avenue and State Road 60

Go-Line Transfer Hub: New Project Construction: Indian River Transit Hub, operated by the Senior Resource Association

Paw-Prints: New Construction of a Small Commercial Building, less than 10,000 square feet: Pawprints Boarding, 7920 12th St.

Summer Lake: New Single-Family Residential: Summer Lake by GHO Homes

It was a pleasure working on all of these projects!

Schulke Bittle & Stoddard receive Industry Appreciation Award

Schulke Bittle & Stoddard receive Industry Appreciation Award

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